Features for super simple shipping

The power of simplified shipping at your fingertips means you can focus on the important stuff

Multiple Carriers

Put an end to the monopoly on delivery.

Best Delivery Rates

Tap into our buying power with the leading carriers to save up to 30% on shipping costs.


One account gives you access to the best carriers, covering all of your unique shipping needs.

Live Delivery Options

If enabled, Shippit gives your customers the ultimate flexibility in delivery timeslot options.

Easy Bookings

Get time back with these time-saving beauties.

Easy Integration

Live-sync orders using our API or pre-built apps for Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.

Fast & Easy Labelling

Lightning fast delivery booking and labelling that won’t leave you hanging.

Pro Workflow

Co-designed with the best minds in retail, our pro workflow helps you despatch in a jiffy!

Advanced Tracking

Delivery tracking that finally makes sense.

Consistent Tracking

We’ve cut the logistics jargon, making it super easy to track parcels across multiple carriers.

Live GPS Tracking

Give your customers the ability to live track your local deliveries just like a piping hot pizza.

Recipient Ratings

Recipients let us know how carriers perform so we can improve the service they provide.

Ship from Anywhere

Ship anything from anywhere. Really.


We let you manage who has access to your account so anyone can ship.


Ship from anywhere with multilocation support. Save as many shipping locations as you like!


Centralise delivery management, fulfill and track orders across stores with ease.

Ship Smarter

We built clever technology that does the hard work so you can forget about shipping.

Smart Notifications

Our advanced notification engine is proven to reduce inbound queries from customers by up to 90%.

Smart Carrier Allocation

Shippit removes the guesswork and allocates the best to save you money & turbocharge delivery timelines.

Smart Delay Avoidance

We detect and correct issues with deliveries before you even notice – magic! Proven to cut missed deliveries by up to 50%.