Insights to help you improve shipping costs and performance

Shipping Optimiser Report | Shippit

Understand your freight profile

Better understand how you ship based on top delivery zones, weight distribution and average transit times.

Reduce shipping costs

The Shipping Optimiser calculates exactly how much you can save by using Shippit’s Discounted Delivery Rates.

Tailored courier recommendations

More than just a shipping calculator, you’ll also get courier recommendations based on your freight profile.

Get a Shipping Optimiser report

Forget needing to do a manual freight analysis. Using your historical delivery data, the Shipping Optimiser report generates insights on your shipping profile, opportunities to reduce shipping costs and provides courier recommendations tailored to your business.

Powering simpler delivery for retailers of all shapes and sizes

Courier filtering in Shippit

Affordable delivery with leading couriers

Why waste your time negotiating rates or searching for the best courier when Shippit’s done the hard work for you.  Take advantage of our pre-negotiated rates with Australia’s leading couriers. Best of all, our rates are 100% Carbon Neutral, at no extra cost.

Shippit - Rules Engine

A smarter way to ship

Save time on manual decisions. Shippit automatically selects the fastest or cheapest shipping method every time for every order using a game-changing algorithm. Unlock greater control and flexibility by automating manual carrier decisions using Shippit’s Rules Engine. 

Shippit Branded Tracking Pages

Share seamless delivery experiences

Give customers peace of mind with consistent delivery experiences and SMS/email notifications. Shippit standardises tracking events across all carriers, meaning your customers get the same delivery experience, always.

Easily integrate your sales channels

“We chose Shippit over Temando as the superior shipping platform due to its unique carrier allocation technology and focus on the customer experience during delivery. This enabled significant competitive advantage for us in Australia & New Zealand. We need Shippit to expand faster into other markets so we can give our customers across Asia the same experience!”
Ludovic Terru, Chief Logistics Officer
Ludovic Terru