All your carriers in one place

One account gives you fast access to book a courier with leading carriers. Label, manifest and book orders with multiple carriers, in one place.

Our rates or yours, you decide

Our technology lets you choose between our exclusive delivery rates or connecting your pre-negotiated carrier accounts to book a courier.

Flexible shipping, all over the world. It’s delivered.

Our plain label capability lets you ship with any carrier, even if they aren't integrated on Shippit.

Safeguard against disruption and delays

When things don't go to plan, our multi-carrier platform makes it easy to access additional carriers and delivery services.

Give your customers more reasons to love you at the checkout

Standard, Express, Same Day, International Shipping, On-demand, Interstate or Click and Collect, Shippit lets you offer multiple delivery options in your shopping cart, giving your customers the power to choose.

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The most advanced carrier allocation engine

Keep your shipping costs under control with our Rules Engine. Shippit’s unique Rules Engine tool puts you in control of delivery costs by giving you the freedom to decide how, when and where carriers are allocated.