With online shoppers increasingly turning to international retailers to make purchases, it’s clear that competition is no longer local, but global.

Powerfully optimised e-commerce stores, secure online payments, and fast international shipping mean customers can order from almost any country around the world with just a few clicks.

Australian retailers who don’t break down borders could be missing out on the massive potential of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets, including Asia and India.

But making the decision to send your goods global can be daunting, and in the past, it has been difficult and costly.

A Big Commerce study showed 18% of people surveyed cited shipping costs as their least favourite aspect of online shopping, and 15% said waiting for the shipment to arrive was the worst part of the online shopping experience. If you’re going to send overseas you’ll need fast, well-priced shipping to keep competitive.

Before going global, there are a few things you should consider.


Is there international demand for what I’m selling?

Research is the answer here, and one of the simplest starting points is to look at whether you’ve already had enquiries from international customers. Review your analytics to see how many international visitors are reaching your site, but keep in mind spam accounts and focus on those who stick around to really check out your products.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Are there similar products being sold, and how do they compare with your unique selling point? Where would you sit in the international market?

Look at the ways people in different countries shop, and consider testing your products on popular online markets places such as Rakuten (Asia), Snapdeal (India) or Mercado Libre (Latin America).


Are my items suitable for international shipping?

Damaged items lead to unhappy customers, so consider how your items will go travelling long distances. Sturdy, compact pieces are ideal for international shipping, while perishables are best kept for domestic customers.

Investigate import and export restrictions for the countries you intend to target – some items like aerosols, alcohol, nail polish, perfume, and fruit and vegetables are prohibited from international shipping.

To avoid nasty surprises, make sure you research tariff codes, customs documentation, and duties and taxes.


What shipping service will I use?

When it comes to safely and cost-effectively getting your goods from Australia to international customers, one size does not fit all.

You’ll need to consider shipping costs, tracking, delivery times and if your provider offers guarantees. Online shipping tools like Shippit can open you up to global markets so you can start offering multiple delivery options at your checkout to convert more sales.


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Shippit selects the best shipping method every time, for every order, using a game-changing algorithm. Simply tell Shippit what you want to send, where you want to send it, and how fast it needs to get there, and we’ll choose the best carrier every single time.


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We give you instant access to discounted rates with leading carriers, or if you’ve already found your preferred carrier you can bring your own. Shippit gives you the power to combine your existing carrier rates with our pre-negotiated rates, giving you the ultimate control over your deliveries. If at any point, you want to try new options, you can swap carriers with just the flick of a switch.


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We let you keep track of your shipping activity as it happens so you can see what’s going on before your bill arrives. See how many shipments you’re sending, how much you’re spending, and how your deliveries are performing without lifting a finger.


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You can see a breakdown of everything you have ever sent and learn which shipments are costing you money, instantly, so that you can start making changes where needed (this feature is coming soon).


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Keep one step ahead with customer experience, and stop relying on your customers to contact you about bad deliveries. With Shippit you can view and compare carrier performance on proven drivers of customer happiness.


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Shippit gives you full transparency on how your customers feel about your brand. Forget long-winded surveys, Shippit’s in-built rating tool allows you to easily discover what your customers are saying about their delivery experience.


If you’re ready to go global, we’re here to help.


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