Peak season is upon us, and that means the pressure is on eCommerce teams around the country to get orders out the door as quickly and accurately as possible. The next four weeks alone will see shoppers scouting for online deals during Singles’ Day, Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

And with online sales expected to break records (again) this year, there’s no time for bottlenecks in the warehouse or distribution centre. Your success depends on having a well-trained team, clear processes and a few time-saving tricks up your sleeve. 

We’ve spoken before about how to fulfil orders faster during peak season, from organising your stock in the warehouse, to providing self-service returns, to prioritising your picklist. But if you’ve done all that and you’re still looking for ways to speed up the fulfilment process, then you’re in luck because Shippit has just launched a new feature that makes it possible to print shipping labels in a single click. 

Print labels in one click

Instant Print allows you to print individual shipping labels directly from the ‘ready to ship’ screen, so you don’t have to download labels as a PDF. You can also print labels while confirming an order on the ‘new orders’ screen. 

Saving a few seconds every time you print a shipping label could really add up, so don’t overlook this simple step. Here’s an easy guide to setting it up. Once you’ve enabled Instant Print, you can print multiple labels by selecting in bulk and print packslips and labels together to save even more time. 

If you’re new to online retailing, you’ll want to make sure that you’re also printing shipping labels on adhesive paper and using a single printer and label size for different carriers. These are basic steps that can slash your packing time.

Ship even faster with Scan to Print

Tired of matching printed shipping labels to orders when packing? With Shippit’s Scan to Print, you can confirm an order’s quote and print its label in one quick scan. This helps you pack and label individual orders faster, without switching screens or extra clicks. 

It’s all about the customer

It’s worth remembering why time-saving tricks like Instant Print are important in the first place – it’s all about the customer. The faster you can get orders out of the warehouse and on their way to customers, the better their experience will be, and the more likely they’ll be to shop with you again.

Many of the people who shop with you during peak season will be new customers responding to a promotion or looking to buy a gift, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them coming back over the next 12 months. On-time delivery is an important part of the online shopping experience, and a smooth and speedy fulfilment process makes that possible.