Over recent years, carriers have shifted their operational focus in response to market fluctuations and external pressures. From the period before COVID-19 to the present of post-pandemic landscape, the industry has witnessed significant transformations.

Before COVID-19, carriers prioritised growth and expansion. However, the pandemic brought about a drastic change. With the surge in eCommerce demand, carriers faced an unprecedented increase in volume, forcing them to adapt quickly not only to more volume, but also a bigger range of SKUs and to more dispersed delivery destinations.

Now, in the post-COVID era, carriers have strategically adapted to focus on profitability rather than solely on growth and expansion, making commercial decisions such as the introduction of surcharges or selective engagements by service or lane.

For retailers, navigating these changes can be challenging. This shift in eCommerce has made the logistics landscape harder to navigate and it’s difficult for retailers to continually ensure they’re minimising the impact on their business while maximising their business outcomes.

At Shippit, we have deep expertise in logistics and relationships with all of the major carriers across Australia. Our partnered carrier services offer a streamlined solution, handling negotiations and serving as your single point of contact. As a result of partnering with us, you can offload the burden of managing carrier dynamics and focus on growing your business.

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