In an ever-evolving retail landscape, staying ahead of the curve means continuously innovating and improving operational efficiencies. So, shaking up the industry, we’re excited to partner with stockinstore to continue revolutionising how retailers manage their inventory and streamline their delivery processes. Here’s a deep dive into what this new integration partnership means for retailers and why it’s a game-changer.


stockinstore is a powerful omnichannel platform including a suite of solutions like Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Find in Store for Retailers & Wholesalers, Store Locator and Google Local Inventory Listings; all designed to provide a retailers with a fast, flexible, affordable and scalable approach to omnichannel retailing.

With powerful inventory & order management capabilities, stockinstore enables retailers to prevent stockouts, and increase sales in-store and online by ensuring products are available when & where customers want them. 

Building scalable omnichannel capabilities, while integrating with any eCommerce platform and ERP/POS system makes stockintore the partner of choice for leading businesses including Sportsgirl, Toyworld, Intersport, Coach, Kate Spade, KOOKAÏ, LSKD, Triumph Lingerie, Nutrition Warehouse and many more.

Today, the stockinstore solution suite is used in 11 countries and in multiple languages. For more information about starting your pathway to omnichannel success, visit 

The Integration: A Synergy of Strengths

The new integration between Shippit and stockinstore creates a synergy that addresses two of the most critical aspects of retail operations: inventory management and delivery logistics. Here’s how this powerful combination benefits retailers:

  • Real-Time Inventory and Delivery Coordination: With the integration, retailers can synchronise their inventory data from stockinstore with Shippit’s delivery platform. This ensures that product availability is always up-to-date, allowing for accurate order fulfilment and delivery scheduling.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers will enjoy a more seamless shopping experience with real-time stock visibility and reliable delivery options. They can see exactly what’s available and choose their preferred delivery method, whether it’s home delivery or Click & Collect.
    1. Optimal Store Fulfilment: stockinstore’s Order Management System allows retailers to leverage their store network for optimal delivery using Shippit’s platform.
  • Streamlined Operations: Retailers can streamline their operations by automating inventory updates and delivery processes. This reduces manual errors, saves time, and allows staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as customer service and sales.
    1. Cost Efficiency: By integrating these platforms, retailers can reduce shipping costs through Shippit’s courier comparison tools while minimising stockouts and overstock situations with stockinstore’s inventory insights. This dual approach leads to more efficient resource utilisation and cost savings.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The integration provides retailers with a wealth of data on inventory levels, sales trends, and delivery performance. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about inventory purchasing, promotional strategies, and logistics planning.

By combining Shippit’s expertise in delivery logistics with stockinstore’s proficiency in inventory management, retailers can achieve a new level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This partnership not only addresses the current challenges of inventory and delivery coordination but also sets the stage for future innovations in the retail sector. Retailers looking to stay competitive should consider leveraging this integration to optimise their operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.