The most effective carbon neutral delivery services for Australian retailers

To support a sustainable future, we work with internationally recognised carbon solutions providers to reduce our climate impact.


Shippit has chosen to partner with TEM – Asia Pacific’s largest voluntary market carbon credits provider. They partner with businesses of all sizes to help achieve decarbonisation goals and make a real difference to climate change, people and the planet via financing high-quality carbon offsetting projects. TEM develops, manages or sources a portfolio of high integrity and high impact carbon projects across Australia and internationally.


Australian bush regeneration projects

TEM-sourced or operated human-induced regeneration projects in New South Wales and South-West Queensland help support native forest regeneration and sustainable agricultural practices. These projects rehabilitate vegetation in areas that have historically been cleared and over-grazed, improves soil condition and can provide habitat for native wildlife.


Key impacts include:

  • Emissions reduction
  • Wildlife protection
  • Habitat conservation
  • Improved soil condition

April Salumei REDD+ Project

The April Salumei REDD+ project in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea has been developed as a nature-based solution, to conserve and sustainably manage this globally significant rainforest, recognised as an exceptional biodiversity hotspot by the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard.

TEM partners with 164 local land groups (clans), comprising about 15,000 people, who own the rainforest and who have surrendered their rights to commercial logging. These groups depend entirely on the forest for their livelihoods and now work closely with TEM to manage the area sustainably.


Key impacts include:

  • Emissions reduction
  • Wildlife protection
  • Habitat conservation
  • Soil salinity and erosion prevention
  • Community empowerment and sustainable agriculture

Renewable energy projects

TEM-sourced wind and solar renewable energy projects across Asia create clean energy for locals, which otherwise would have been generated by fossil-fuel fired power stations. The UN states that switching to clean sources of energy, such as wind and solar, helps address not only climate change, but also air pollution and health issues, as unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in the air around the world originate mainly from the burning of fossil fuels. The TEM-sourced projects also supply electricity to regional grids, improving the availability of electricity in the regions. 


Key impacts can include:

  • Emissions reduction
  • Energy security
  • Local employment

How does carbon neutral delivery work?


For deliveries booked on Shippit’s delivery services, Shippit measures how much carbon is generated by our courier partners from the moment a parcel is picked up to the moment it’s delivered.


Based on this calculation, we purchase carbon offsets to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to reduce emissions overall.


Not only do we neutralise the carbon emitted by our courier partners, but the offset projects we invest in also deliver economic, community and social benefits.

Ship anywhere in the world using carbon neutral delivery

Whether it's standard, express, same day or international, deliveries booked on Shippit's discounted rates support a sustainable future.

Frequently asked questions

Does carbon neutral delivery cost more?

No, our carbon neutral deliveries come at no additional cost when booked on Shippit’s discounted delivery services. It’s part of Shippit’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Does the carbon neutral promise really apply to all different modes of delivery?

Yes. All of Shippit’s discounted delivery services are available to be carbon neutral including Standard, Express, Same Day, International and On-Demand Delivery. Deliveries book on rates that you have pre-negotiated and connected to your Shippit are not carbon neutral.

How do I offset the carbon from deliveries on my own rates?

Deliveries booked on pre-negotiated rates that are connected to Shippit are not offset and thus, not carbon neutral.