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Our BOLD WOW Vision

Neutral, not offset
We will incentivise carriers to build truly carbon neutral delivery networks.


Lead from the front
We will set the standard for carbon measurement and build clarity on what a WOW world will look like.


Shine the light
We will use our position to amplify the voices that are making a difference in sustainability.

From inception, Shippit’s mission has always been to remove waste. It was formally introduced in 2021 as a key tenet of our ambition; powering 200m deliveries, without waste (200M WoW). 

At its core, we believe shipping and logistics should be about the pursuit of less.

Waste is hiding everywhere; coupled with a highly fragmented industry there is significant opportunity to shape the future of logistics. Our position is unique; we span across both retail and logistics industries; our relationships run deep with our carrier partners and retailers; and we have access to a powerful dataset that enables us to draw insights to quantify and eliminate waste and work towards building a sustainable, greener future. Our unique position comes with a deep responsibility to positively influence industry movement. 

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The most effective carbon neutral delivery services for Australian retailers

To support a sustainable future, we work with internationally recognised carbon solutions providers to reduce our climate impact.

How does carbon neutral delivery work?


For deliveries booked on Shippit's delivery services, Shippit measures how much carbon is generated by our courier partners from the moment a parcel is picked up to the moment it's delivered.

Based on this calculation, we purchase carbon offsets to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to reduce emissions overall.

Not only do we neutralise the carbon emitted by our courier partners, but the offset projects we invest in also deliver economic, community and social benefits.

Ship anywhere in the world using carbon neutral delivery

Whether it's standard, express, same day or international, deliveries booked on Shippit's discounted rates support a sustainable future.
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Leading the transition

Shippit’s partnership with NOISSUE helps reduce packaging waste in eCommerce by promoting sustainable, compostable packaging to merchants.


Unlike traditional shipping mailers, these are NOT made from plastic. NOISSUE mailers are Certified compostable. The mailer breaks down fully in a home compost in 180 days, or in a commercial compost in 90 days – returning nutrients back to the earth.


Take your sustainable steps to change today and shop the biodegradable packaging range here.

Frequently asked questions

Does carbon neutral delivery cost more?

No, our carbon neutral deliveries come at no additional cost when booked on Shippit’s discounted delivery services. It’s part of Shippit’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Does the carbon neutral promise really apply to all different modes of delivery?

Yes. All of Shippit’s discounted delivery services are available to be carbon neutral including Standard, Express, Same Day, International and On-Demand Delivery. Deliveries book on rates that you have pre-negotiated and connected to your Shippit are not carbon neutral.

How do I offset the carbon from deliveries on my own rates?

Deliveries booked on pre-negotiated rates that are connected to Shippit are not offset and thus, not carbon neutral.