Advanced carrier allocation for each leg of your parcel's journey

Extraordinary experiences are built by doing what we each do best; that's why we partner with the best-of-breed carriers to offer you the best experiences for your customers.

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More reliable and on-time deliveries

Smart Routing® allocates the best-performing carriers for each leg, reducing the likelihood of single carrier fail points and bottlenecks to keep packages moving, no matter what.


Cost-effective partner rates

Thanks to Shippit’s multi-leg connectivity and exclusive buying power, Smart Routing® optimises shipping costs at every stage of delivery, giving you competitive delivery rates, ready to switch on.


Enhanced last-mile tracking

Our technology seamlessly connects you with leading carriers so you can give your customers enhanced, end-to-end visibility on regional deliveries and real-time, last-mile tracking for metro deliveries.

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Delivery support, taken care of

Shipping with multiple carriers doesn’t have to be hard. From pick-up to delivery completed, Shippit handles delivery support for you and your customers, whatever the carrier.