Unpacking sustainability (a little) 

The responsible consumer is taking over Australia and it’s becoming a top priority for retailers to rethink how they can adopt the same focus. 

In a recent keynote with Accenture, we discovered that “62% of consumers want retailers to take a stand on issues like sustainability.”

Retailers in Australia have a unique opportunity to lead the charge in sustainable business practices. It’s an opportunity to create opportunities for cost savings, improved customer loyalty, and positive social impact.

One area that’s often overlooked is last-mile logistics. Although traditionally associated with high carbon emissions, last-mile logistics can be made more sustainable by thinking and acting differently. 


Here’s two ways you can adopt sustainable practices in your retail operations:

  • “Dark stores” or “micro-fulfilment centres” and “ship from store” models can dramatically reduce distances travelled by packages, cuts last-mile carbon footprints and ultimately create better buying experiences.
  • Consider route optimisation tools to lower carbon emissions. Route optimisation helps reduce the kilometres a parcel travels to get to an end recipient. In Sydney alone, this can result in a 27,000,000 km reduction in parcel travel, says Accenture.


Besides looking good on your environmental resume, sustainable practices create a positive brand image and help to build customer loyalty. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of the products they purchase, and by embracing sustainability, we can meet their expectations and build a loyal customer base.

Finally, remember that sustainability isn’t just a retailer’s responsibility. Partner with vendors and providers who can help you achieve sustainable practices across your value chain.

By taking a holistic approach to sustainability, embracing innovative last-mile logistics solutions, and setting specific goals for improvement, we can create a brighter future for ourselves, our customers, and future generations.


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