Welcome to Shippit’s quarterly What’s New Digest. Every three months, we wrap up what’s new on the Shippit platform and what’s coming soon.

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re thrilled to unveil exciting new and upcoming features, from business deliveries to integrated Apple Wallet Order Tracking.

We’ve also enhanced existing features and services, with greater coverage for Smart Routing Bulky, simplified rules management, and multi-location support with Shopline.


New and upcoming


Book and manage palletised freight in Shippit

This latest enhancement will allow Shippit users to book cartons, pallets and half-pallets with leading carriers such as StarTrack, Allied and TNT in Shippit so you can reduce manual data entry and book your business deliveries from a single platform. 


Orders side panel: Review, edit and confirm orders in a single view

We’ve introduced a new Orders side panel, which allows you and your team to edit and review order details, allocate the cheapest or fastest carrier, and confirm and print your labels in one view.

The orders side panel will soon be available across all orders.


Apple Wallet Order Tracking

Apple Wallet Order Tracking allows shoppers to receive real-time delivery notifications, seamlessly track online orders and enjoy advanced trust and transparency within Apple Wallet.

By simply clicking the ‘Track with Apple Wallet’ button within email notifications, shoppers can seamlessly track orders by adding them to Apple Wallet, irrespective of payment method. Alternatively, if they make a purchase using Apple Pay, their order will be automatically added to their Wallet at the point of order confirmation, and they will receive notifications whenever there’s an update about their order status.

Read more about Apple Wallet Order Tracking or register your interest here.


Single Sign-On (BETA)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an enterprise-grade account security feature that allows you to mandate sign-in requirements and team member access to Shippit. Shippit now supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) version 2.0, allowing you to create and authenticate accounts with your preferred Identity Provider (IdP).


Drop off your packages at a HUBBED location

Our HUBBED integration gives you access to Australia’s leading parcel pickup, collection and drop-off point network, so you can drop off your outbound deliveries and provide your customers with a convenient and sustainable delivery option for returns. Locations are open 24/7 and extended hours, so you and your customers can drop packages off outside of business hours and avoid lengthy post office queues.

The HUBBED-powered returns solution combines our self-serve Returns Portal with convenient local touchpoints so customers can quickly request a return, choose from over 3,000 drop-off locations, and download a label with just a few clicks.

Get started with HUBBED today


New on-demand and bulky carrier services

We’ve added new carriers and carrier services to give you and your customers more choice across on-demand and bulky deliveries.

Sherpa: Gain access to same-day or on-demand delivery options with Sherpa with our BYO integration. Sherpa connects you with a national fleet of crowd-sourced drivers at the touch of a button. Connect your Sherpa account and book orders with Sherpa directly within Shippit.

Parca: Available on Shippit rates, Parca’s ‘Parcel Plus’ service specialises in unsortable freight up to 40 kilograms (dead weight) or 50 kilograms (volumetric weight). With flat rate pricing and minimum surcharges, Parca can help you keep your shipping costs under control.

Available soon, we are also adding standard delivery with leading big and bulky carriers, TGE, TNT and StarTrack, giving you more options for booking pallets.





Greater coverage for Smart Routing Bulky

Smart Routing Bulky allocates the best available carrier for each leg, protecting you against network delays, with same-day collection and delivery in two days. We’ve now expanded coverage for Smart Routing Bulky so you can deliver bulky freight, up to 250 kilograms (dead weight), across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.


Simplified rules management

Shippit’s Rules Engine lets you build shipping rules to automate repetitive carrier allocation decisions. Our latest updates save you even more time, reducing the number of rules you need to achieve the same outcomes and making it easier to manage, edit and add rules.

  • Create a new rule by duplicating existing rules.
  • Choose between ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ rules based on whether you require all conditions to be met in a scenario or only some:

  • Use the new ‘any one of’ condition to enter or bulk paste up to 500 values for ‘Delivery postcode’, ‘Product SKU’, ‘Product line ID’ and ‘Product title’ conditions, in one rule.

To update rules on a store-by-store basis, head to ‘Store rules’ in your app settings.

To update your company rules and apply rules across multiple stores, ensure you’re logged in to your company account and head to ‘Company rules’ in your Shippit app settings.

Read more on how you can set up rules or check out our recent blog, “Take control this peak season,” to see how Australia’s leading retailers are using our Rules Engine.


Shopline multi-location support

Our Shopline integration now lets you connect multiple locations to Shippit so you can efficiently fulfil orders across multiple warehouses or stores. Fulfil all your orders in one place and map multiple locations to the same Shippit store or different Shippit stores, under one company.

Learn more about mapping your Shopline fulfilment locations to one or more Shippit stores here.


Streamline Shopify single location fulfilment

If you fulfil orders from a single location but manage stock transfers outside of Shippit, you can now ensure that stock is adjusted from the original storage location, rather than the ship from location.

Learn more about configuring single location fulfilment in Shopify here.


If you’d like to learn more about any of the above features and how you can access upcoming features, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or get in touch with us at support@shippit.com.