Order tracking, reimagined.

Apple Wallet Order Tracking with Shippit offers a hassle-free, secure & trusted method for your customers to track their deliveries, bypassing the need for constant contact with your customer service team.


Customers are second guessing the legitimacy of communications and it’s impacting their experience and ultimately buying behaviour. Combat the deluge of order-tracking scams by using Apple’s native notification experience. In a way that is already familiar to your customers, Shippit’s integration with iOS allows customers to track the progress of their order straight from their Apple Wallet.

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Order tracking made simple

Increase ease and convenience

Order tracking information and business contact details are all accessible to shoppers from Apple Wallet.


Connect with shoppers natively

Orders are added to Apple Wallet and shoppers can receive notifications when you update the order.


Enhance privacy

Order information is processed and stored on iPhone, so only you and the shopper can access it.


Improve customer satisfaction

Seamless order tracking and management can help drive high satisfaction rate.


Control the information

You are the source of truth for order and tracking information provided to your shopper.


Security and peace of mind

Provide a secure and credible shopping experience with guaranteed privacy and data protection while safeguarding against the rise of phishing and scams threats.


Instant notifications

Be it order confirmations, shipping updates, or delivery notifications – keep your customers informed every step of the purchase journey with immediate push notifications.


No learning curves

Our integration connects your shopping and shipping experiences with familiar, easy-to-use features. There’s no learning curve, just the shopping journey your customers know and love.

We're continually looking at ways to innovate and differentiate not only our digital and in-store experience, but the last mile experience too. We're now able to provide the convenient, transparent and timely delivery that our customers deserve.
Emily Anders – Head of Digital, R.M.Williams

Enabling Apple Wallet Order Tracking is a great next step in the evolution of Shippit’s leading delivery platform. We're excited to offer this transparent and easy-to-use tracking solution to our customers.
Mark Teperson – CEO & Managing Director, Baby Bunting

Make your customers tracking experience world class

Shoppers can now enjoy a trusted and easy way to track their purchases with up-to-date shipment and delivery status in Apple Wallet.