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Enhance your plan with custom packs

Unlock even more value from your selected plan by tailoring it with our custom packs. These add-ons empower you to personalise your experience, ensuring you get precisely what you need to succeed.

Manitoba’s casino landscape offers a variety of locations for residents and visitors alike looking for fun and relaxation. From the bustling Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg to the tranquil South Beach Casino & Resort on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, these venues offer more than just gambling: they offer restaurants, live entertainment, and lodging. As tourism and local patronage grows, these casinos must continually improve their operational strategies, including merchandise and supply management. This is where innovative solutions like Shippit come into play, optimizing logistics and ensuring that everything from gaming equipment to food arrives on time and in perfect condition. By integrating Shippit’s technology across a variety of manitoba casino locations, they can effectively manage their supply chains, ensuring that their gaming tables, restaurant kitchens, and retail outlets are well-stocked. This integration not only increases operational efficiency, but also contributes to a better customer experience.

Experience Pack: Elevate customer engagement

Enhance customer engagement with branded tracking, custom tracking experiences, and more.

Experience Plus

Available with the PLUS plan or above

This includes:

  • Live quoting
  • Branded tracking
  • Returns portal
  • 3 additional users

Experience PRO

Available with the PRO plan

Everything in EXPERIENCE PLUS, and:

  • Advanced tracking experiences
  • Branded returns portal
  • Custom returns API
  • Marketplace support
  • Unlimited users

Performance Pack: Unleash business potential

Unlock the full potential of your business with our Performance Pack. Take your operations to the next level and optimise your shipping strategy.

Performance PLUS

This includes:

  • Shippit Insights reporting dashboard
    • One Shipping overview dashboard
    • Dashboard drill-downs and filters
    • Export up to 5000 lines of raw data 
    • Two seat inclusions 
      • Additional users $20/m
  • Five shipping rules

Performance PRO

Everything in PERFORMANCE PLUS, and:

  • Advanced analytics, with;  
    • Five additional dashboards
    • Customisable dashboards and visualisations
    • Unlimited data exports 
    • Two seat inclusions: 
      • Additional PLUS users $20/m
      • Additional PRO users $100/m



  • Advanced eCommerce integrations 
  • Unlimited cart integrations
  • Advanced carrier management 
  • Unlimited shipping rules
  • NowGo powered by Premonition

We’ve got answers to your questions

Can I bring my own carrier accounts?

Sure! You can even set this up yourself from inside the app. Since we don’t own the accounts, these bookings won't be covered by our Recipient Support team.

What is your support like?

We have dedicated support agents ready to help and keep your deliveries on track.

Can I link multiple accounts together?

Yes. You can easily combine multiple accounts so they can be managed with just one login.

What payment methods are required?

Billing for shipping and software is by credit card only. High volume clients, please get in touch for separate arrangements.