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Georgian online casinos are experiencing a surge in popularity as the digital gaming industry continues to expand. Players in Georgia can access a wide range of casino games from the comfort of their homes, enjoying the convenience and variety that online platforms offer. However, the success of these online casinos depends not only on their gaming capabilities but also on the efficiency and reliability of their internal operations, including the logistics of delivering physical prizes or promotional items to their users. By offering a reliable solution for the delivery of goods by various carriers, Shippit ensures that Georgian ონლაინ კაზინოები can handle the distribution of physical rewards without any problems, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This integration is especially beneficial for online casinos that frequently run promotions and need to deliver prizes such as electronics, branded goods, or other products to winners. Shippit’s service not only simplifies the delivery process, but also reduces costs and minimizes delivery time, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic online gaming market.

Guarantee the same delivery experience each time, with any carrier

Our tracking notifications simplify tracking events from all our carriers into consistent, easy-to-understand statuses to keep you and your customers on the same page.

Rise of Casino Industry Sponsorship has become a prominent trend across sectors, significantly impacting advertising strategies and revenue streams. Leveraging their considerable financial resources, casinos are increasingly partnering with sports teams, entertainment venues, and online influencers to increase brand awareness and attract a wider audience. At the same time, Shippit offers a simplified solution for e-commerce companies looking to efficiently ship goods across multiple carriers. This service is especially valuable for online businesses looking to optimize their logistics and provide a great customer experience. As the casino industry embraces digital transformation and expands its online presence, partnering with logistics solutions like Shippit ensures that promotional items, event tickets, and other casino-related products are delivered seamlessly to its customers. This synergy between casino sponsorship and advanced e-commerce logistics not only improves operational efficiency, but also builds customer loyalty through reliable and timely delivery.

Delivery notifications, taken care of

Don’t leave your customers guessing. From order picked up to delivery completed, our automated email and SMS email notifications keep your customers updated every step of the way.


Data-driven delivery estimates

Delays happen. We get it. When they do, our data-driven delivery estimates help you better manage customer expectations with dynamically updated estimates that reflect the performance of recently completed deliveries across our platform.


Enriched tracking information

Our tracking pages show enriched data shared by carriers with tracking events, including the package’s latest location and scan descriptions, so your customers have all the information they need in one place.

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Your customers can request support from the track page in just two clicks with our Delivery Help Launcher. No more messy emails, just seamless support, powered by our in-house team.

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Keep an eye on customer satisfaction

Customers are invited to rate their experience at the end of each delivery – it’s either ‘Awesome’ or it’s ‘So, So’ – and leave a comment. Use these insights to make better carrier decisions.