Ship joy, not anxiety

Give your customers the delivery experience they deserve

One-Link Tracking

A single tracking link keeps everyone on the same page. Literally.

Notify Your Customers

Smart tracking notifications keep customers informed.

Prevent Delays

Our delay avoidance technology keeps deliveries on track so you don’t have to.

Transparent tracking from your store right to their door

Tracking history that starts from the time an order is placed online up until it’s delivered. Consistent tracking events across all carriers and one-link tracking means nobody is kept in the dark ever again.

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Notifications for when it’s important

Our smart email and SMS notifications give your customers just the right amount of information when it actually matters. This means your customers can plan their day with peace of mind.


Delay detection means parcels have nowhere to hide

You can stop wasting your time chasing parcels. Our unique delay avoidance technology detects and corrects issues that cause delivery delays before they turn into problems. This keeps your parcels moving and will even notify you and your customers of potential delays. Now that’s amazing.

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Feedback so you know how it went

Customers are invited to rate their experience at the end each delivery – it’s either ‘Awesome’ or it’s ‘So, So’. We use this data to make better carrier allocation decisions, helping you maintain rock solid customer satisfaction.

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Featured Story

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The Academy Brand

“Shippit has completely saved us from the courier mishaps that used to upset our customers.”

Paul Dennis, The Academy Brand

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