A single-view of all your stores

Our technology lets you link multiple stores and locations, so you can fulfil, book and track orders all in one place.

Intuitive delivery notifications for any carrier

Create consistent and predictable tracking experiences to turn your shoppers into loyal customers.

Business critical intelligence at your finger tips

Our Delivery Dashboard gives all the data you need to make informed decisions on shipping costs, transit times and carrier performance.

Add Hunter Express to your carrier mix

Founded in 1990, Hunter Express is a recognised national carrier that supports small parcels, as well as large or bulky freight.

Hunter Express have a team of 400 staff and drivers, along with over 1000 people in their agency and contractor network, providing reliable, nationwide delivery.

If you are looking for a standard delivery option to add to your multi-carrier solution, we integrate seamlessly with Hunter Express.

As a valued courier partner you may bring your pre-negotiated Hunter Express account for shipping with you onto our platform or take advantage of our delivery rates.

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Packaging decisions, sorted

For every single order, we’ll automatically allocate the best packaging type – even if you use custom parcel sizes. Whether you use Shippit’s discounted rates or bring your own pre-negotiated Hunter Express rates, our one-click printing, picklists and pack slips help your teams fulfil orders fast.

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Own your delivery experience. Your brand, front and centre.

Share an on-brand delivery experience your customers are familiar with. Customise your track page and notifications with your logo and colours.
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Smarter and faster carrier allocation

Automate manual, time-consuming, and complex courier decisions for consistent, fast and error-free shipping with Hunter Express. Unlock the potential of your deliveries with our automated daily extracts of delivery data.

A single-view of all your stores and order management systems

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Proven reliability and 99.99% uptime

From Black Friday to Boxing Day, our customers rely on us to manage orders fast when it matters most. Built to be more reliable than Courier API’s, we handle millions of requests weekly and have best-in-class SLAs.