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Save time with flexible, fast fulfilment

Easily integrated with your eCommerce platform, our streamlined pick and pack workflows and one-click label printing will help you sync, manage and fulfil your MyPost Business orders fast. Together with our automated packaging decisions and smart carrier allocation technology, you’ll have everything you need for consistent, error-free shipping and more time to focus on what matters. 


Share better customer experiences

Turn your shoppers into loyal customers by giving your customers the power to choose from multiple delivery options at checkout and sharing consistent and predictable tracking experiences worth returning for.

Set up in minutes

Our ready-to-go integrations with all leading eCommerce platforms makes getting started fast and easy.
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Shipping that grows with your business

From MyPost Business to parcel contracts, we give you access to the carriers, insights and tools you need to scale your shipping. We empower you to ship better by translating your data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Shippit and MyPost Business. Better together.

Register below to start shipping with MyPost Business on Shippit. 

All your carriers in one place

We connect you with leading carriers, saving the hassle of integrating manually. Ship with our exclusive delivery rates or your pre-negotiated carrier accounts.

I only ship with Australia Post. Why do I need a shipping platform?

Are you still manually printing labels and spending a tonne of time on repetitive tasks like creating, booking and labelling orders? Then you need a shipping platform to help automate your pick and pack.