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Shippit Jarden Whitepaper

Recent research conducted alongside Jarden sheds light on the pivotal role of delivery experience in shaping consumer loyalty. In an increasingly digital marketplace, understanding the factors that influence brand selection and consumer behaviour is paramount. This study delves into the nuances of online shopping preferences, revealing intriguing insights that businesses can leverage to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.


Key Findings:

  • Delivery emerges as a crucial determinant of consumer loyalty, ranking second only to price in influencing brand selection online.
  • Shockingly, one in two Australian consumers expressed a reluctance to patronise a brand again after encountering a poor delivery experience, underscoring the significance of optimising the post-purchase journey.
  • With 86% of Australians having engaged in online shopping over the past year, the importance of delivery in driving customer satisfaction and retention cannot be overstated.

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