Faster picking and packing and smarter shipping decisions

Australia’s award winning shipping solution that’s easy to set up and even simpler to use. One account gives you access to multiple carriers, automated shipping rules, and tracking notifications that keep both you and your customers in the loop.

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Easily sync your orders from your eCommerce platform

Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform | Fulfilment & Freight Automation

Pack and ship

Smarter shipping decisions level the playing field.

  • Integrate orders from any sales channel
  • Automate your packaging and courier decisions to save time
  • Book with multiple couriers to save money
Post-Purchase Experience Solution | Shippit

Track and notify

Transparent tracking that keeps your customers happy.

  • Branded tracking notifications that keep your customers in the loop
  • Delay detection means parcels have nowhere to hide
  • Gain valuable customer feedback on which couriers are performing the best
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Start reporting on metrics that truly have an impact on your shipping.

  • Analyse your freight profile to reduce shipping costs
  • See your key metrics in one place in your custom dashboard
  • View your shipping costs in real-time and see which carriers are driving up your shipping spend
Ludovic Terru
“We chose Shippit over Temando as the superior shipping platform due to its unique carrier allocation technology and focus on the customer experience during delivery. This enabled significant competitive advantage for us in Australia & New Zealand. We need Shippit to expand faster into other markets so we can give our customers across Asia the same experience!”
Ludovic Terru
Chief Logistics Officer