Hurtling shockwaves through the retail industry, Temando announced it was going into administration last week and they would only be operating for another 30 days. 

Temando is well-known in the retail and logistics space; they’ve been a market leader in shipping software and they heralded a substantial list of global clients, many of them based in Australia. 

When a leading business announces its closure, difficulty lies with both those who work there, as well as with the customers faced with the task of finding a new business solution.

To help those looking for a viable Temando alternative, we’ve put together this short guide to highlight the main differences between Temando and Shippit. For any other questions not covered below, please get in touch with our team here and we’ll reach out as soon as we can. 


Shippit offers discounted shipping rates based on subscription tiers

One of the standout differentiating features between the two platforms is that Shippit is a subscription-based SaaS, and Temando isn’t.

If you previously or currently use Temando, you’ll know that Temando’s fees are based on how much freight you ship. This means you won’t be paying a fixed fee each month, and costs during peak times are somewhat out of your control. 

With Shippit, you’ll have a fixed subscription fee each month that won’t fluctuate at different times of the year. Your subscription price will vary depending on how many orders you ship each month, but you’ll also receive heavy shipping savings that can offset the cost of your subscription.

Unlike Temando (and many other solutions currently on the market), Shippit offers competitive shipping rates with leading couriers, and you can also connect your own courier accounts if needed. This means you can bring your own shipping rates with existing courier accounts while also diversifying your delivery options for your customers. 

On top of discounted shipping rates, you’ll get additional discounts according to the subscription tier you fall into. The rates available on our subscription plans are highly competitive in the market, and the more you ship with Shippit’s discounted rates, the more you save. 

With Shippit you can also Pay as You Go (PAYG)

For those who’d like to send one-off parcels, Shippit includes a PAYG feature where you can use all our features without subscribing to a paid plan. 

This is also a great feature for retailers looking to test Shippit’s automation and tracking features without the commitment of a plan. However, it’s worth noting that shipping rates available on the PAYG option aren’t as economical as shipping rates available within a paid plan. 

By default, when you use Shippit on an ad hoc basis, you’ll see there’s a 15% surcharge on shipping rates. This surcharge is automatically removed when you activate a subscription plan and add a credit card to your account, so we always recommend subscribing to a plan to save on shipping costs. 

Special offer:

To help Temando customers transition to a new solution quickly, we’ve waived the 15% surcharge for the first 14 days of your trial. 


You can ship bulky items

Shippit has a wide range of options for different courier services, and bulky carriers are one of our specialities. With Shippit, you can ship large bulky items with TNT and Allied Express, and you can also connect your own accounts with Toll and StarTrack


You can send priority orders and deliver the same day

With Shippit, you’ll also have access to a range of couriers that can deliver priority orders within 90 minutes, with 3 hours, on the same day, or the next day. We work with Drive Yello, Bonds, Fastway and Allied Express to ensure you get cheaper rates for last minute delivery requests. 


You can automate order fulfilment 

If you’ve used the Temando interface, then you’ve most likely been adding orders and selecting couriers one by one. With Shippit, you can bulk upload orders, have couriers automatically allocated, confirm package details in bulk, and book couriers in bulk. See how much time Petite Cosmetics were able to claim back in their day with Shippit’s automation features.



Shippit automatically chooses the fastest or cheapest courier

As well as limited order fulfilment automation, Temando doesn’t have the functionality to automatically select and confirm couriers based on order details. With Shippit, you’ll automatically get the fastest or cheapest courier selected by default depending on how you configure your account settings. Learn more about couriers here

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Bulk generate and print labels for multiple couriers

Many of the retailers we work with express their frustration on the amount of time it takes to print different shipping labels for different couriers. Shippit offers the ability to bulk generate and print labels for multiple couriers, in the same transaction. 

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Unified tracking alerts and notifications that reinforce your brand

Although Temando was an incredibly powerful shipping tool, it lacked a few features loved by modern consumers. Customers love receiving up-to-date and easy to digest delivery alerts. With Shippit, you can send unified tracking notifications no matter what courier you’ve shipped with, and you have additional branding options to reinforce your brand and drive traffic back to your site. 



Temando relies on direct courier notifications which can sometimes be confusing for consumers. They may be asked to provide a consignment number or login details to view their tracking details which causes a lot of friction within the post-purchase journey.

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temando alternative shippit couriers please


Shippit includes proactive delivery delay avoidance technology that automatically notifies couriers when they’re close to missing pickup times or meeting delivery ETAs. This means you’ll notice an immediate reduction in delivery investigation requests from customers as couriers are automatically contacted about late deliveries. 



Gain insights on your shipping performance with a reporting dashboard

One of Shippit’s biggest differentiating features is the access you’ll have to data that informs how you can optimise your shipping spend. Once again, one of the only platforms on the market to offer this feature, you’ll have a view on how long it takes you to ship orders, how much you’re spending on each order and on each courier, as well as insights on how you’re customers feel about their delivery experience.



So, where to from here?

If you’re looking for a Temando alternative and are feeling overwhelmed by how sudden everything is, book in some time with our team to talk about your needs and goals for a new solution. Team Shippit can take you through our fast setup process, and let you know what features we have that improve on Temando workflows. Want to learn more? Get in touch here.