Welcome to Shippit’s latest quarterly update, where we highlight what’s new on the Shippit platform.

In our last update, we introduced Apple Wallet Order Tracking, giving shoppers real-time order updates and delivery notifications securely and privately within Apple Wallet.

In our first update for 2024, we’re excited to announce some new additions which allow you to:

  • Unlock in-store inventory and power omnichannel shopping experiences with our Brauz integration and support for Click and Collect with Shopify
  • Sell on marketplaces with the ability to transfer carrier tracking IDs
  • Enhance security with webhook request authentication and the ability to exclude Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Ship from New Zealand with Cin7 Omni and Cin7 Core


Unlock in-store inventory with Brauz and Shippit

We’ve partnered with Brauz so you can unlock in-store inventory, ship from multiple store locations and offer delivery options such as Click and Collect and On-demand.

Brauz powers fulfilment from multiple locations and intelligently decides which inventory location can fulfil an order. Integrating Brauz and Shippit allows you to:

  • Ship from multiple store locations with Shippit’s dedicated in-store UI and Brauz’s order management system
  • Dynamically surface fulfilment options at checkout based on your customer’s location to offer on-demand delivery with live quoting and Click and Collect delivery

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team here


Support for Shopify ‘local pickup’

Give your local customers the convenience of picking up their online orders from your nearby store and drive foot traffic back to your store. Shippit can now sync orders marked as ‘local pickup’ in the Shopify checkout and tag them as a ‘Click and Collect’ order in Shippit, allowing you to pick, pack and label your order with a plain label that includes the recipient’s name.

Learn more about setting up ‘local pickup’ for Click and Collect



Enhanced cybersecurity with webhook authentication and PII exclusion

To give greater security, control, and flexibility over how real-time data is sent from your systems, Shippit now supports webhook authentication to ensure data is sent to the correct destination and the source is verified.

In your company settings, you can now configure up to six custom headers for authenticating webhook requests. Additionally, you can limit Personally Identifiable Information from being sent by excluding your customer’s delivery address from our track and trace payloads.

Head to the ‘Webhook’ settings under ‘Company settings’ to create custom headers and select what customer data to send over webhook.


Sell across more channels with the ability to transfer carrier tracking IDs

To help you scale your reach across different sales channels, such as marketplaces, Shippit now offers the flexibility to pass on carrier tracking IDs to BigCommerce and Netsuite. This ensures you and your customers can track orders based on the requirements of your sales channels. Head to the ‘Fulfilments’ tab in your Integration settings to select ‘courier tracking ID’ or the ‘Shippit tracking ID.’

Read more about our BigCommerce and Netsuite integrations.


Ship from New Zealand with Cin7 Omni and Cin7 Core

Are you a Cin7 Customer? Our Cin7 Omni and Cin7 Core integrations can now support orders shipped from New Zealand and pass on New Zealand country codes, currency and tax fields to ensure smooth order fulfilment.

Learn more about our Cin7 Omni and Cin7 Core integrations. 


Support for Adobe Commerce (Magento) version 2.4.6 

We’ve upgraded our integration to support the latest version of Adobe Commerce (Magento) so you can take advantage of the latest security and platform improvements.