There are few legends in the industry like Nathan Bush. When we were asked to tell our story on the Add to Cart podcast, we couldn’t say no. 

After rejecting us at a conference half a decade ago, it was fun to chat with Bushie about how Shippit was born, what we’ve learnt over the past 9 years and how retailers should look to meet growing customer expectations, particularly when it comes to a consistent and reliable delivery experience.

We were also able to share what we’ve learnt from leading the South East Asia business. 

Here’s a sneak peak:

  • All markets are massively dominated by marketplaces (Shopee and Lazada have 90% of eCommerce share), and these marketplaces are going to continue to grow, often building their own supply chain using an Amazon-like model with a blend of 1P and 3P
  • Rise of Social Commerce – TikTok Shop is the fastest growing marketplace in South East Asia, they’ve just registered in Australia and will make a splash

Check it out here: