We’ve kicked off the All Star Bash winners edition of Power Retail ‘Power Talks’

The 2024 Power Retail All Star Bash brought together the best of the best in online retail to celebrate the wins of 2023 in a glamorous award ceremony. In this mini-series, I sit down with a select few of our well-deserving winners to discuss their wins and find out what’s next.

At Power Retail’s All Star Bash back in March, Shippit was our platinum sponsor and had the honour of announcing our highly anticipated Number one retailer award among other exciting perks.

With the host Rosalea, we shared highlights from the event and discussed upcoming trends, challenges, and opportunities for retailers to smash their goals in 2023 and get them up on stage in 2024.

Listen here: https://powerretail.com.au/resources/power-talks-podcast/?lid=r8jwzeuvh4f4