Let’s face it, the world’s obsession with speedy deliveries isn’t doing our planet any favours. Last-mile delivery has been secretly moonlighting as one of the bad boys of carbon emissions, and with the post-pandemic delivery craze, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. But hold on to your eco-hats, because we’ve got some exciting news to spill!

In partnership with ParcelRun, we’ve decided to lead the charge in turning the last mile from carbon-heavy to carbon-light. Welcome the Zero-Emissions Last Mile Pilot Program, making history as the very first zero-emissions delivery initiative to hit Aussie shores, all born and bred right here in Sydney.

In the face of urban expansion, the urgent need for logistics companies to put on their sustainability cap and cut down on carbon emissions is crystal clear. Our pilot program is not just stepping up to the plate; it’s hitting a home run.

How We’re Shaking Things Up

Electric Vehicle Fleet: Our partners offer high-performance e-cargo bikes designed to reduce carbon emissions, one delivery at a time. 

Clean Energy: Our vehicles are powered by clean, renewable energy sources for efficient and eco-friendly delivery.

Reduced Congestion: Our secret sauce is our route optimization technology. By using AI powered optimisation, they’re able to reduce their total KMs and time on road by 15-20%. Reducing the amount of wasted driving reduces pressure on our road systems and eases congestion experienced by all road users.

Sustainability Commitment: We’ve made a promise to deliver a whopping 200 million deliveries Without Waste by 2025. 

So, there you have it. The Zero-Emissions Last Mile Pilot Program isn’t just another delivery service; it’s a bold step toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and carbon-light future for Sydney and beyond. It’s time to deliver the goods while delivering good for our planet!